Muir Energy

Muir Energy

Muir take radical responsibility for our impact on people and the planet, and actively seek to support both. They strive to create energy that not just fuels but nourishes all bodies. In effect, they only source the highest quality organic, vegan, non-gmo ingredients, rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, proteins, and phytonutrients

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Their mission is to make the cleanest portable food products with the smallest impact, to bring good energy to all people, and to use business to serve Planet Earth.

Their vision is to build a sustainable, ethically and environmentally centred, company that nourishes people as they move across our planet. This is why Muir Energy are a Next Generation Nutrition™ company, committed to Long Term Health - for humans and for the planet™.

The first & only completely clean real food energy gel. They believe the best nutrition comes from real food. Simple as that.

4-6 real food ingredients. Muir use exclusively real food, mineral rich, ingredients, which are easy to metabolize and super easy on the stomach - no GI issues.

Vegan, organic, paleo, gluten free & non-GMO. Gram for gram, Muir Energy provides more nutrition - quality calories, healthy fats and proteins, vitamins and minerals - than any other product in our space.


Our Slow Burning products are made with raw nut and seed butters. The healthy fats and protein in these nut and seed butters metabolize slowly. When combined with our mineral rich and low glycemic electrolyte base, the result is a clean, sustained fuel source for your longer adventures.


Our Fast Burning products are made with dehydrated fruits and vegetables. These simple sugar sources metabolize quickly. When combined with our mineral rich and low glycemic electrolyte base, the result is a clean, fast fuel source for your shorter adventures.

Muir Energy Fast Burning
Muir Energy Slow Burning

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