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TORQ is one of the longest standing nutrition brands in the U.K. and a frequent “Best In Test” winner. Their all-natural products contain no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours, yet offer a range of unique flavours such as their energy gels which are based on classic British desserts.

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TORQ don’t compromise on quality, so why should you?

TORQ is one of the longest standing nutrition brands in the UK, along with being a frequent “Best in Test” winner across multiple sports magazines and newspapers. 

Originally a fitness consultancy for endurance athletes, TORQ developed their Fuelling & Recovery Systems leading to the creation of their iconic range of performance nutrition. Using only 100% natural ingredients that contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours and their certified organic and vegan-friendly nutrition ensures an incredibly tasty yet powerful performance boost.

Offering a range of nutritional treats including Energy Gels, Recovery Drink Mixes, Energy Drink Mixes, Flapjacks, Chews and Bars in many unique but natural flavours such as Mint Chocolate, Lemon Drizzle, and Sundried Banana.

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