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Clif Bar

Clif Shot Bloks Mixed (10 x 60g)

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The Clif Shot Bloks Mixed Pack contains 2x pack of each flavour (10 in total).

Clif Shot Bloks Energy Chews are our 'go to' product when looking for an alternative to energy gels. perfect for athletes both long and short course needing a quick source of energy.

Each Shot Blok chew contains 33 calories plus added electrolytes, making it easy to manage and track intake during training and racing. 

The Shot Bloks come 6 to a pack in fastpak packaging, allowing for easy access to your energy chews and streamlined enough to fit into a race belt or jersey pocket.

Already know your favourite flavours? Buy them here.

Black Cherry and Tropical Punch flavour Shot Bloks contain added caffeine.

Flavours available - Margarita (3x Sodium), Mountain Berry, Strawberry, Black Cherry (+50mg added caffeine) and Tropical Punch (+25mg added caffeine).


  • A great alternative for those that aren't keen on gels...
  • 33 Calories and electrolytes in every Blok
  • 6 Shot Bloks to a pack
  • Easy access and streamlined Fastpak wrapper
  • Black Cherry and Tropical Punch contains added caffeine
  • Margarita contains 3x sodium compared to the other flavour Shot Bloks

About Clif Bar

Clif Bar was founded by Gary Erickson in his mom’s kitchen, following a day long bike ride he couldn’t bear the taste of another typical energy bar or energy gel. The Clif Bar was born, with the primary aim of making an uncomplicated natural energy bar, easy to consume and tasting like real food! This now extends to the entire Clif Bar product range to help fuel your workouts and adventures with great tasting energy bars, Shot gels, Shot Bloks and the very popular protein recovery Builder’s Bar.

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