Product Information

About Victus Mixed Box

Victus' Mixed box contains:

  • 6 Energy Water (Lemon Pear)
  • 6 Endurance Water (Apple & Lemon)
  • 6 Nutrition Water (2 Strawberry & Raspberry + 2 Orange & Mandarin + 2 Apple & Lemon)

Go for Victus' Mixed Box if you work out less regularly but still want to enjoy all their products when you do. 


Finding the right sports supplement should be easy. That is why we created 3 all-inclusive and complementary sport supplements for each phase of your training.

Kick-start your training in an energized & focused way and combat exhaustion with Energy Water, a perfectly balanced, easy-to-drink and refreshing water-based pre-activity supplement.

Endurance Water prevents dehydration and fights energy loss during your training or game due to it's carefully balanced, easy-to-drink & refreshing water-based formula.

Improve full-body recovery & combat post-training fatigue with Nutrition Water: a perfectly balanced, complex, easy-to-drink & refreshing water-based post-activity supplement.


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