Veloforte Natural Electrolyte Powder

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Veloforte have released their new Natural Hydration range, made of real fruit, botanicals and nature's finest electrolytes. 

Every ingredient has been carefully selected to deliver rapid effective hydration, each flavour is 100% plant-powered, naturally vegan and free from any artificial ingredients.

For endurance exercise lasting longer than 60 minutes, it's important to replace fluids, electrolytes & calories if you want to avoid the effects of dehydration & fatigue.

When mixed with 500ml of water, each sachet becomes a hypotonic sports drink providing natural energy, sodium & potassium as well as a host of vital micronutrients to help maintain your performance.

How to use

Mix a single sachet with 500ml of cold water & shake well. Consume within 24 hours.

500ml 1-2 hours before prolonged or intense exercise

150-200ml immediately before you begin

500-750ml per hour during extended exercise

500ml within 20 minutes of finishing exercise 


Attivo - 3-in-1 hydration recipe is an invigorating mix of Wild Strawberry & Basil, Attivo offers 22g carbohydrate, 350mg sodium, 265mg potassium & 75mg of Natural Caffeine (equivalent to an Espresso). Designed specifically to restore, refresh & rehydrate with improved alertness & concentration, enhancing your ability to work hard for longer. 

Solo -Full electrolyte replacement without the calories. A delicious mix of Golden Apricot & Sage, Solo offers 350mg sodium & 240mg Potassium with no added sugars. Perfect all day hydration to keep you fresh and replenished.

Vivo2-in-1 Hydration Recipe. A refreshing mix of Peach, Raspberry & Rosehip, Vivo offers  22g carbohydrate, 350mg sodium & 240mg Potassium. Natural energy plus natural electrolytes to fuel you further, longer & stronger.